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Jan 11, 2012

Perera & Sons and the SMS about fats of pigs

Recently, there is a rumor being spread between the Muslim community regarding FATS OF PIGS via SMS, here is the SMS which I exactly got
News from A.Ceylon jammiyathul ulama, Deear all..Don't buy any foods of Perera & Son's & Fab backeries, bcause they use the fats of pigs for every foods... it's 100% Haram. So avoid that foods & save our muslim community in fire of Hell. Jazakmullah.

It is a well know fact Muslims generally hate pork (Flesh of Pig), because the consumption of pork is prohibited in the Quran, 

"What He has forbidden you (to eat) are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and anything (slaughtered and) offered in any other name except that of Allah. But there is no sin if one is compelled by dire circumstances (to eat the forbidden food), provided it is not out of habit or rebellion. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful." [Quran 2:173]

The above Quran verse clearly prohibits eating of swine flesh or pig flesh, to read more click on the below link

Regarding the SMS

All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama (ACJU) has strongly denied that the SMS about Perera & Sons and Fab was not issued by them and it’s false SMS; this could be verified via their hotline 0117425225

Very recently there was a similar issue went on with Mc Donald's, but ACJU quickly responded to this issue because Mc Donald's was certified under ACJU where they were able to announce officially on their websites regarding the false rumors of Mc Donald's.

Perera & Sons are unregistered under ACJU which made Perera & Sons to defend for themselves by saying we are purchasing stuffs from Halaal certified suppliers.

Analyzing the truth behind the SMS

Perera & Sons made an effort to clear this issue via their facebook fan page, they published a poster by saying

"We wish to assure you that all our bakery and confectionery products are made using raw material (Meat, Fats, Flour, and Margarines etc) sourced by Halaal certified supplier"

Did you read that?and did you get something in mind... "If they are purchasing all raw materials from Halaal certified suppliers, then why do they not obtain a Halaal certification from ACJU"

I've asked this question many times via Twitter and Facebook, all the time when I raise this question; as usual they ignore me, here is one such incident

Is all suppliers of Perera & Sons are Halaal certified?

As Perera & sons claims, it is not true that all suppliers for Perera & Sons  are Halaal certified, this can be proven by their own poster which was created to defend this issue of Fats of Pigs.

I checked the ACJU's website, there I searched for the keells trade logo under the Value Added Meat/Fish Products category,  I could not find the Halaal certification for Keells,

The fact is KEELLS does contain pork in their production line up, you can verify this details on keells website

Therefore how could Perera & Sons make false claim and deceive Muslims to keep purchasing their foods, check this screen shot

"Yes they are" five likes for that false message!

What Perera & Sons should do?

From the marketing point of view, Perera & Sons should understand the norms and values of any communities in the country, CUSTOMER IS THE KING in the market; I sometimes go to Perera & Sons to have my breakfast on my way to office, the sales person use to say that their suppliers are Halaal Certified, yet my soul remains uncomfortable without seeing the HALAAL SRI LANKA logo on the display, I used to buy only fish, vegies, coffee and I totally avoid meat related products from Perera & Sons, recently I came to know that KEELLS is one of the suppliers of Perera & Sons; since then I have totally band myself from going to Perera & Sons and I have informed my friends regarding this issue…now  I simply walk into a normal hotel to have my short eats with my friends…

It really remains as a puzzle… why Perera & Sons didn’t obtain a Halaal Certification even though they claim that all materials are from Halaal certified suppliers.

Consuming Halaal food is a Practice for Muslims, but Halaal Foods are healthier not only for Muslims but also for Non- Muslims, there are scientific evidence that Halaal meat are healthier than normal meat.

If Perera & Sons or in other words; if the biggest food chain in Sri Lanka obtain the Halaal certification, there will be no such rumors spreading around the community, if does, ACJU will interfere as your defender.


You should tread every customer as a king if you want to survive in the market, you have completely failed to understand the importance of a community’s belief, I feel this question is quite reasonable; IS PERERA & SONS having a propaganda not to obtain a Halaal certification in any means?

What Muslims Should do?

The SMS which was sent is false in concern of ACJU, every Muslims should check and verify the message before passing to another, because Allah has said it in the Quran,

O you who believe! If a Faasiq (liar — evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done” [Quran 49:6]

You have the right to band what you wish in what you doubt, ACJU doesn't force anyone to buy from someone or to sell to someone but ACJU only verifies that the particular food is Halaal, you may have your own opinion but force is not an option here.

My personal Message to all Muslims

I to agree that the SMS which was sent on this regard is false, but I request all Muslims to avoid Perera & Sons because there is a Non-Halaal supplier (i.e.keells) is in their menu list, I have no intention to draw propaganda against Perera & Sons but as a Muslim it is my duty to inform my brothers and sisters in islam to be safe from what Allah has prohibited. If Perera & Sons obtains a Halaal cerfitication, I would be the first to have a sandwich with a nice cup of coffee.. Insha’allah :-)