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Feb 28, 2012

My Friend with a Big Body and with a Big Heart

Maalik, our new graphic designer, he is a rugger ride, 110 Kg in weight and 6 foot tall, I call him 0.1 tone container, LOL... and he is a new colleague and a friend of mine.

There was an exhibition HALAL EXPO was scheduled to start on 19th feb, and 20th feb at Galadari, I was with my friend Maalik at canteen  having our lunch at office, I said to Maalik "Shall we go to this Exhibition on Sunday?" he said "Why not, we both can go together and I will pick you up on my way" I said to him " Insha'alllah, All right, DONE!"

Next day morning I bought the Sunday newspapers and did some Internet browsing... the day was boring... I remembered Maalik who planned with me to go to Halal Expo exhibition, but I didn't  get a call from him...I thought of putting him a reminder but my nephew Isa came while I was about to call...I forgot to call Maalik as I started playing with him...

Time passed and suddenly around 3 O'clock I got a call from one my friends, Riza, He asked "I'm on my way to exhibition, are you coming?" I thought for a while... I got nothing to do today, so I said "ok, I'm coming"

So we reached there around 4:30 pm, as we started roaming around... there was a surprise waiting for me, in one of the stalls I saw Maalik standing, so I went to him and asked him, "Hey ... You didn't pick me up...grrr.." as I said this he was shocked an standing like a I left him and went to other stalls to have a look at the other products on the display...

Next day, Monday I went for work, I got this email via facebook from Maalik, but I knew he was in the office and I was wondering why is he sending an email while he is next to me... believe me, until I read the first 75% of his email, I didn't understand why is he apologizing and for what? Because, I had no bad feelings about Maalik for not picking me to the exhibition yesterday, I forgot at that end and I didn't take anything serious into my mind... So I realized, my big friend has really felt bad about what had happened yesterday.... wow.. mmm... so i thought of having small game or a play with him... ;-) here is a screen shot of what happened in the FB mail.... ;-)

Before, I sent the last mail, I sent one of my colleagues to check on Maalik, I got the news, Maalik seems to be very upset, so quickly I made a call and said to him... "take it easy friend, I was just playing with you" even after he heard me, he kept apologizing for more than half an hour repeating the same thing in the mail ... LOL, He is a Good Friend :-)