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Oct 24, 2015

A lesson in my life with a torn slipper

Last night, went to a hotel to buy dinner just few meters away from our home, It was raining in Colombo, at hotel I slipped and my right slipper toe strap came out , oh... thinking what to do... one hand food bag, other hand umbrella (and I didn't want to walk barefooted on the unhygienic wet streets), So I started dragging my right leg along with the broken slipper, I found it so hard my slipper was not balanced, unstable, bending and wobbling in each and every step, while struggling on my way to home... something came into my mind, Subahanallah... I'm finding so hard  just to walk with a torn slipper; what about those people lost their legs, born disable, and those people on the wheelchair seated and rolling their chairs for years, comparing their life with mine... I'm indeed ungrateful to my Lord. Reached home with a satisfaction of thinking everything happens to our own good... May Allah forgive my sins. 
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May 30, 2015

I have to speak about Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

Yes the minority Muslims have been oppressed and the rights have been denied, UN has described the situation as "Human Ping Pong", no nation wants to accept them even as refugees, they are floating in the middle of the sea seeking help around the world.

E.g. In an interview with Bangladesh's Prime Minters Hasina with BBC.

After watching the clip, I really felt, this lady don't deserve to be in a position in what she is...

It's pathetic to see Rohingya Muslim being in this situation and the nations being silent about it.

Also it's not justifiable to see there are false images circulated by disturbed Muslims in Social Media. most of the images are over described, wrongly attributed, Photoshoped and the date of photoshoot is not correct.

Whatsoever, there is no smoke without a spark, as human being we should speak against oppression, let it be black or white, rich or poor.

Let's pray for them.

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May 21, 2015

Interesting summary of the people you know

Some interesting things about these famous figures in summary

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May 12, 2015

Dialog's irresponsible customer care - Timeline

I made a complain regarding +Dialog Axiata coverage problem at our residence in Dehiwala, but they always pretend they care for customers but here is a proof of their customer care manners.

Day 1 - 10th of May lodge a complain and got a receipt 1-1124652489

Day 2 - 11th of May, Morning called back Dialog customer care, they said, Technical team will call me, but so far no response. added the complain to social media on Twitter and FB

Day 3 - 12th of May, called back Dialog cusomter care, they said, They had called me in the morning but no answer, but my phone had no missed calls in the morning, also I requested an update via twitter, but they gave an answer saying they called me in the evening, either-ways I had no missed called in the morning nor in the evening.

So far no calls....

Day 4 - 13th of MayI called the customer care today, they gave an another excuse by saying the complain end date is on 14th and by today someone will call and confirm me, as usual Dialog has no guilty of repeatedly using the words "We are sorry sir" the word "sorry"  has lost it's value with Dialog, they don't mean it, they use it as a strategy to cool down the customer and make fake apologies.

Dialog Twitter ignores my reminder, no reply afterwards

Time 7pm, I received a call middle of the traffic from Dialog technical department, his first question was " What is your problem?" wow, Dialog needs some serious serious training to their employees how to handle customers, through out his conversation I understood this guy is not much educated and sounded more arrogant in his questions and replies, I have to repeat the entire scenario middle of the traffic (rather this guy could have studied the complain sheet). He left the phone by saying something I couldn't follow up.

Day 5 - 14th of May, Time 8:10am I got a call from another technical guy, I was getting ready for office and I was in a rush, this guy was not rude as last one, he asked me to do some changes on the phone, still the signal shows low, so he mentioned that he will transfer this problem to Regional Engineer to sort out this problem.

Shocked to see this SMS which says, it's going to take another 2 days just to respond. 

Day 6 - 15th of May, Waited for an Engineer call me, (Of course I knew it's not going to happen, anyway let's go through their procedures just to show to the people the reality of their Service)

Day 7 - 16th of May, waited for a call. ONE WEEK completed since my complain. what can I expect from so called Future. Today ? They should change their tagline or slogan to Failures. Today

Day 8 - 17th of May, So, waited enough, I made a call to the so called customer care. The guy gave me an excuse 15th and 16th was not working days, fair enough!!! and he said I'll be getting a call by tomorrow evening. mmm... I hope so... let's wait and see!

Day 9 - 18th of May, mmm... nop, Nothing! no calls, no SMS, no feedback, an another gimmick, well... I'm not going to give up on this, I just want to see how long these people are going to drag, I need to prove to the people the reality of their service.

Day 10 - 19th of May,  So, as usual made another call to so called customer care, a lady spoke, seems to be responsible and she said, she has informed to the relevant department and it will take ANOTHER TWO DAYS to contact me. LOL ;-), they advertise as No.1 network in the country, and more than a million subscribers. seriously? I don't know what is their rank in customer care ;-)

Day 11 - 20th of May,  As usual RIP Day 11. Nothing! 

Day 12 - 21st of May, I'm sick of dialling that 0777 678 678 customer care, a lady spoke and she apologised again (Dialog has got plenty of remaining apologies in the future), she said that she is dropping an email to the relevant department to contact me. lol 

Day 13 - 22nd of May, ok, and again, here we go... phew....I made a call to customer care, a lady spoke, gave my complain number, and put me on hold, I mean it was really a long hold, meanwhile there was an advertisement running in the ear set, it said, now you can make your complains via social media i.e. dialog's FB and Twitter, LOL. anyway let's try that again.

So the lady came back to the line and said, "we are very sorry". ;-) seems to be she has understood the case and asked nothing but used the tool of apologies, and she said the delay has been on their side (Technical department) and she has transferred the case to another branch. and I have to wait to get a call from them ;-), oh yes Dialog, I've been waiting for 13 days, wouldn't I wait for another day? 

Here we with Dialog's twitter team

I told you, ↑ Dialog don't hesitate to make apologies, after viewing this post, they have no shame but still went on to say "OUR APOLOGIES" may be they are use to that word so much they can't start a conversation without that salutation. ;-) LOL. ok let's wait and see... 

Day 14 - 23rd of May, So and again, I made a call again... the customer care rep. was wondering how to answer this time but as usual she poured the bucket of "We are sorry sir" LOL for me it's Apologies bucket challenge ;-), she passed the call to her superior, and she also poured the apologies bucket challenge on me also she mentioned that 10th of may had lot of complains (weird), and they are following the complains one by one (and I didn't get a call from them). She said someone will contact me by today. lol... let's wait and see.. 

I sent an email to Dialog's Head of Customer Experience & Group Loyalty and I got a reply

So far no calls nor feedbacks. 

Day 15 - 24th of May, Let me guess what Dialog's customer care would say, "It's a sunday sir," LOL.... RIP to 15th day ;-)

DAY 16 - 25th of May, Well, well... after number calls, tweets and emails, finally I have to copy the message to the CEO of Dialog to sort out my problem... within 30 minutes a technical guy called me and made an immediate visit to my resident. 

Moral: Everybody is doing it wrong. If you have an issue with Dialog, don't call the customer care, you have to first contact the CEO in order get your problem solved (at Dialog the work is done opposite, not bottom to top but top to bottom). 

So the technical guy visited our residence and he found out the only signal working is "Emergency calls only" and he found out not only in our residence but the entire street (may be the entire area) has no signal.

He also mentioned that any issues with Dialog should be sorted out within 2-3 days, (oh yes, I heard it enough) and he also said this signal issue should have been sorted out long long long time back (oh yes, if only you would have given proper attention to our previous complains). and finally as usual he used the Dialog's trademark "I'm sorry sir" and asked for three more days to sort out this problem, I said, it's ok as far as my problem is sorted out. So let's wait and see..phew... Day1

Day 17 - 26th of May, Day2 - The technical officer called me around 7pm and said, he has done some changes in the towers and signal parameters, well I saw no differences, so he asked me to give 3 more days to find another tower close by and fine tune that one and while he talking the voice was breaking and then the line got disconnected ;-) LOL ok since he made a request for another 3 days, so lets start a new parameter-  

Day 18 - 27th of May, Day3 MISSION FAILED -  Attempt2, Day 1 No calls, no update. RIP Day 18 

DAY 19 - 28th of May,  Attempt 2, Day 2 The technical guy who was handling our matter visited our residents again, but there was no big differences from previous visit. he said he will inform his bosses (plural) ;-) regarding my matter. 

Too many cook spoil the broth. too many bosses are going to spoil the company

Day 20 - 29th of May, Attempt 2 , Day 3 MISSION FAILED aannddd... as expected one of his bosses called me, and said they have done their best to get the coverage, I said, your best is not enough, I'm still facing problems to the PAID service, he excused by saying there are blind spots in some places and they are fixing it, they are going to fix another tower and it's going to take some time. (I believe it's going to be one more year) FUTURE. TODAY ;) LOL I'm not living in rural part of the city, I'm living in the District of Colombo and these people give false adverts by saying they have full coverage, it's kind of cheating the customers (they should inform the customers before selling their service). I asked him what do I do till then, I'm paying for your service which has a service as not promised? no answer by him. so I asked him to send me an email regarding my problem and I gave him my email address. but so far no email nor response and he is one of Dialog's employee, "back to square one" I can't expect him to keep his word.

Day 21 - 30th of May, Today is a Saturday, and I don't expect them to call me... let's wait and see... there are many things need to be shared regarding Dialog's discrimination between VIP customers (Politicians and wealthy people) and ordinary customers, I would be sharing those detail in new post, but I just want to see how this problem is tackled. If my problem is not sorted then the news I got about Dialog's discrimination among customers should be true. There are many VIP living around my area facing similar problems and their problems have been sorted with special orders. I think people are unaware of these issues.. ..I'm just monitoring and waiting...

Day  22 - 31st of May, It's a Sunday, what you expect from them? :-/

Day 23 - 1st of June, Called the customer care again, and asked whats happening with my complain, she said, the case is still open and it's under process sir! ;-) lol 

Day 24 - 2nd of June, It's a Poya day, You are not a suppose to disturb any Dialog employees! or else they might say, you are an harassment, therefore we are closing down the case. :-D
Day 25 - 3rd of June,  Resting day, I'm also tired calling them and Dialog is also tired answering me, under mutual understanding it's RIP for day 25

Day 26 to 30 - 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th of June
Sorry for the audience who have been following my blog and thanks for the personal emails reminders.

I've been working on our Social Media project with my team, and happy to say we've reached more than 10 million audience around the globe in just one week and I couldn't give much concern on this issue. 

So as a conclusion: Nothing! No follow-ups, no updates and no solution. I remember reading an article sometime back, when Dialog were at their early stage how Celtell laughed at them when they were seated along with them in a meeting (Dialog had no big resources nor manpower, just started up with one office at that time) sarcastically saying "You are no match for us" , but  Dialog's hard work, innovative marketing strategies and pricing strategies made them outstanding and gave them victory in the  market. 

But what's happening today? we can see Dialog is filling adverts with new packages and new facilities where people are not even bothered to know what they are. Dialog is yet working on it's decade old marketing strategies which is too old for the new generation, meanwhile Mobitel and Etisalat are eating up their harvest slowly and steadily. 

Let me give you an example, Here is an offer I got in 2010 oopps... sorry in 2015

Did you get the joke? When everyone is having a smart phone with +WhatsApp , +Viber and +Skype which idiot will take this offer? everyone at my office were laughing at this offer. If you have such outdated marketing idiots in your company to approve such a stupid offer, how can Dialog think forward?  Dialog is decaying inside out.Dialog needs a big revamp!

Regarding my issue, one of Dialog's technical head called me and said, they are installing a tower and my problem will be resolved soon. (Never gave me a deadline and I don't believe in their promises), my complain would have gone to the trash by this time, Dialog's head should take in mind, every minute delay of customer care is equals of saying bye to Dialog and hi to the competitor. 

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Feb 17, 2015

Reality of Life

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Jan 30, 2015

White Goat & Black Goat

TV Anchor interviewing a Farmer about his goats:

Q: What do you feed your goats ?

Farmer : White goat or black goat ?

Anchor: White goat !

Farmer : Grass !

Anchor: And what do you feed black goat with ?

Farmer : I feed it with Grass as well

Anchor: Where do you keep them ?

Farmer : The white one or the black one ?

Anchor: white one !

Farmer : In the porch outside !

Anchor: And how about the black one ?

Farmer : I keep them in the porch as well

Anchor: And how do you clean them ?

Farmer : The black one or the white one ?

Anchor: Black one

Farmer : With water !

Anchor: And what about white one ?

Farmer : of course with water

Anchor angrily:
You idiot! When you treat both white and black goat the same way then WHY do you keep asking me “Black or White” ?

Farmer : Because the white goat is mine…

Anchor: And the black one ?

Farmer : That is also mine

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Jan 29, 2015

Mini Budget Summary 2015

► Prohibition imposed on Ministries and state institutions from publishing promotional newspapaper advertisements

► Special committee to be set up ro resolve issues caused by irregular finance bodies within six months

► Public transportation costs to reduce by 50% for senior citizens

► Every citizen to have a bank account - can be opened in commercial banks with an initial deposit of Rs. 250

► Sri lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka to be merged to reduced the losses

► Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Airlines have incurred heavy losses  - within five years over Rs. 100 billion due to manangement inefficiencies/ Mihin Air Rs.15 billion during the past five years.

► Dahami Diriya for Sunday school teachers - a monthly sum of Rs. 200 to be paid

► Rs. 250 monthly allowance to be paid to pre-school teachers

► Mahapola scholarship fee to be increased upto Rs. 5000

► Special facilities for disabled war heroes - special loan scheme named Viru Diriya to be introduced in state banks/ maximum borrowing Rs. 500,000

► Rs. 1.5 million permit fee will be charged from vehicle importers (irrelevant of whether the imported vehicles are brand new/reconditioned)

► The government has waived off the 25% tax paid by customers when reloading phones

► Rs. 1000 million tax imposed on television stations dedicated to sports

► One time tax of Rs. 250 million to be paid by mobile phone operators

► One time tax of Rs. 250 million to be paid by telecommunication providers

► Marriage registration fee to be reduced up to Rs. 1000 from Rs. 5000

► The number of liquor shops per proprietor to be reduced upto three / Liquor permit value to be increased by twofolds

► Casino business-owners to pay Rs: 1000 millionas a tax - first payment to be made before April.

► Extra Rs. 5000 million to be gained through a container scanning process with effect from September

► Vehicle assembly plants have neglected their income-tax payments during the previous regime. Rs. 12,0000 million revenue expected through prompt payments

► Cement prices to be reduced by Rs. 99

► Vehicle taxes reduction 15% for vehciles with engines below 1000 CC

► Super-gain tax - any company of which the profict exceeded Rs. 2000 million  - tax amout worth 25% off its profit will be charged

► Mansion tax - Rs. 1 million per annum will be charged for houses of which the value is estimated at Rs. 100 million or exceeds 5000 sqft

► Gold jewellery pawned to banks  - that don't exceed Rs. 200,000 -  interest will be waived off

► 12.5kg gas cylinder price reduced up to  Rs. 1596 (Rs. 300 reduction)

► 13 Essential goods price reduction by removal of taxes - with effect from midnight

  1. Sugar: Rs. 10 reduction  - tax reduced from Rs. 28 up to Rs. 10
  2. Milk powder 400g packet will be Rs. 325 (maximum retail price) - reduction of Rs. 61
  3. Sustagen milk powder to be reduced by Rs. 100 (400g)
  4. Flour prices reduced by Rs. 12.50 per kilo
  5. Bread - reduced by Rs. 6
  6. Green grams -  reduction by Rs. 40 per kilo
  7. Sprats: Reduction of Rs. 15
  8. Canned fish - Reduced by Rs. 60
  9. Coriander - Reduced by Rs. 60 per kilo
  10. Maldive fish - taxes reduced by Rs. 200
  11. Canned fish - Reduced by Rs. 60
  12. Coriander - Reduced by Rs. 60 per kilo
  13. Chilli powder - Reduced by Rs. 25 (powdered)

► School van fees reduced by 5%

► Electricity consumers will be encouraged to use solar power

► Kerosene reduced by another Rs. 6 per liter

► A sum of Rs. 2000 billion to be allocated to the fund reserved for kidney patients

► Budgetary allowance for education sector will be increased by 6% off the GDP systematically

► Decentralized budget for ministers will increase by Rs. 5 - 10 million

► Fresh milk price buying price to be increased by Rs.10

► To improve agricultural sector, hand tractors will be given away at concessionary rates / fertilizer concession will be continued + the quality will be increased.

► 50% of the loan amounts borrowed by farmers to be waived off

► An allowance of Rs. 20,000 to be paid for expectant mothers

► Senior citizens with Rs. 1 million in their bank accounts to be given 15% interest rate

► Reviewing of pensions - Increase of Rs. 1000 with effect from April

► During past seven years 5000 million USD due to losing GSP+

► Request made for private sector employers to increase the salaries of private sector employees Rs. 2500

► Rs. 2.5 billion saved by cutting down on the number of Ministers

► All loans taken during the past government has to be paid by this govenrment to which includes 15 million USD loan taken for security purposes

► Salaries of state sector servants incresed by Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 5000 will be given in February/ remaining Rs. 5000 in June- Thereby state sector employees' salaries increased by 47%

► We believe in uplifting and developing the lives of every citizen of this country - not just a selected few - Ravi K

► Expenses of presidential secretariat - 2014 Rs. 10,4970 million / estiamted cost for 2015 was Rs 95,930 million but it has been brought down to Rs. 2560 million

► True figure of state debts concealed by previous regime - currently it stands at Rs. 8.81 trillion

► True figure of debt per person is Rs. 427,220 - Minister Ravi K

► Minister Ravi K lists out details of financial losses incurred due to borrowings/developmental projects of the previous regime that has resulted in an added financial burden to the people

► Loss incurred by hedging deals is 60 million USD

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