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Apr 8, 2012

How women are been used and abused in Ads

A boy having many girlfriends is considered as fashion in modern days, and Huawei Mobiles has found a way to solve the problems of how to handle these girls at a time when there is a "girls’ traffic jam" in your mobile.

I found this advertisement on Sunday Times, 08/04/2012, on HitAD magazine, I was shocked to see that ad, first attention words says "CHANCE TO LOVE 3 GIRLS AT ONCE" but the reality of that ad is about triple sim technology but I was upset to see how marketing managers mind sect has been corrupted,

It is a fact that I'm a Muslim, and Islam teaches me to respect women and not to play with them vulgarly nor use and abuse them in order to sell products.

I wonder; what if their (Marketing managers) own daughters' mobile number is added in one of those mobiles!

Check this ad.

Girl 1: Baby r u there?
Girl 2: At wht time we meet???
Girl 3: Happy b'day My darling... Mwaaah....

One boy can reply to all these girls from one mobile, is the technology helping to develop the community's good ethics or it is used to degrade women.

Women are not toys but they are humans, Business Marketing strategies has gone so bad where women are considered as one of marketing tools, women are paid to remove their cloths and show more skin to attract opposite sex, women are been brain washed to believe that by doing this actions that they are civilized and they are women of freedom!

My message to girls: Don't be fooled over commercial ads, and don't cheapen yourself in community by selling your body for few rupees or dollars.