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Jul 20, 2012

Ramadan 2012 and my lessons...

It's the Month of Ramadan :-), My heart is so happy, My soul is in Peace. I got to learn more, In this month of Ramadan may Allah give me more understandings of what is poverty, what is hunger, what is thirst, how i should NOT waste my food and water, how i should treat the poor and the oppressed, how should i fight for the rights of humans, how should i discipline myself, How should i control my desires... 

It's a practical class room for entire mankind for one month in every year, which gives you lessons how to live your life.

Apart from all these, this is the month of FORGIVENESS and BLESSINGS!  you may be not alive for next Ramadan, get the rewards from Allah as much as possible, he is the most gracious the most merciful.The holy prophet (peace be upon him ) said "Ameen" when archangel Gabriel said , "Destruction to him who found the blessed month of Ramdhan and let it pass by without gaining forgiveness"

"Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you just as it was prescribed for those before you. Perhaps you would attain piety!" [Quran 2:183]

Make this month a wonderful Ramadan, let's take good lessons from this precious month, a beautiful gift from Allah :-)