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May 12, 2013

Mohamed Nana, The TEA specialist

I joint a company very recently, at the initial stage I was assigned for the company's different locations in order to get myself trained for the business and capture the trend of the business.

In one such location, there was a man called Mohamed Nana (Nana is referred to Elder Brother), He is more than 60 years old, dark complexion, with black hair combed to his right. average height, slim and when he smiles all of his front teeth are visible. His task is to keep the place clean & tidy and pour the tea on time.

First day I went and sat on my seat and looked around, there were no workers at all in that particular location, but only Mohamed Nana and myself. I felt like "Oh my God, what on earth am I going to do alone here" I never expected a lonely place to hang around.
So... I looked at Mohamed Nana, he was wearing a red T-shirt with a brown trouser, I smiled at him, and he too smiled back at me, I said the Islamic greetings "Assalamu'alaikum" (peace be upon you), he whispered something as a reply which I never heard but I only saw his lips moving. I said to myself, "I'm here all alone with a person who doesn't speak loudly, I'm going to go mad in few days" I didn't want to disturb him with his silence so I ON the computer. As I started digging the files on the computer to check what is available to gain my knowledge in this field, The computer is whitewashed... I had nothing to do.

And again I looked for Mohamed Nana, he was seated in front of my desk, there is a pillar between me and Mohamed Nana, So I had to lean to my right to talk with him, I couldn't maintain these moments of long silence, I again said to him, "How are you uncle?" He smiled again with all his shiny teeth visible. He said with low tone, "Good" and he took the papers and started reading. that is a sign of asking me to keep the distance. LOL :-)

So again I got back to the computer, but the lonely environment was killing me, I stood up and walked around the premisses, time is around 10 am, I saw Mohamed Nana folding his papers and went upstairs, after 10 minutes he came down with two cups of tea and kept one cup on my table, I thought "This a good moment to speak to him" I asked him to sit (pointing to the chair in front of my desk) and I too sat on my chair and I started sipping my tea, I asked him "Where are you from?" He said something but I only saw his lips moving... after a while, he asked me, "Where you from?" in a very very low tone .. I said to myself "Wow this person can speak" and I introduced myself and he introduced himself and the alien barrier is at last broken between Mohamed Nana and Me. :-)

Now I need to tell you something before I start the story of Mohamed Nana's tea, This guy is known for his TEA where everybody says in our organization "There is nothing like Mohamed Nana's tea" and Mohamed Nana is so proud of this saying.

So... as I finished talking with Mohamed nana for more than 10 minutes and also finished with my cup of tea, I turned to my computer and started browsing the internet... while browsing I felt someone is staring at me, it was Mohamed Nana looking at me and he was expecting something from me, I asked him "Do you want something uncle?" He said "nothing" and he took my tea cup and went upstairs to his kitchen.

He returned back with his hand gripped on his back and he was walking up and down in front of my desk, I knew through his exposure he wants to say something to me, I asked him "Do you want to say something Uncle?" He said, "Everyone body calls me here Mohamed Nana" and he went back to his desk and started reading his newspapers. I knew, he didn't like me calling him "Uncle" LOL

 It's evening around 4pm I finished my Asr prayers and sat on my desk, Mohamed Nana came down with two cups of tea, he kept one on my table and he sat in front of my table (even though I didn't ask for him to sit in front of my table this time) So we had a small chat and I finished with my cup of tea, I started working and again I felt someone staring at me... It was none but Mohamed nana, I asked him "Do you want something Mohamed nana?" (this time I made sure I spelt his name as he wanted).. he replied, "Nothing" and took the cups to his kitchen. Time is 5:30pm, the end of the work for the day.

The next day, time is around 9:30 am, Mohamed nana came with his tea and kept one cup on my table and he sat in front of my table with his tea, as usual we had a small chat, but this time I noticed he looks at me after every sip I had, and again after tea break, I turned back to my computer and again I felt someone is staring at me. and again I asked him "Do you want something?" He said "Nothing" and went back to the kitchen.

It's evening around 4pm  the same process and the same staring at me after every cup of tea I had, this went on for 3 days, one day He asked me after having my tea, "how is the tea?" I said "Good" and continued with my work, and next day morning, he asked me after I had my tea "Does it taste good?" I said "Yes", and I continued with my work, and next day he asked me after I had my tea "At your home, do you have good cup of tea?" I felt this as a weird question, I said, "It's good, Alhamthulillah (All praise to God)" and I continued with my work, and next time he asked me "Does your home made tea taste better than this tea?" I felt it so funny... and I was wondering why is he so curious about this tea matter, to make him happy I said "Your tea is better" but I saw on his face, my answer didn't make him happy, I knew there is something to do with his cup of tea and he is expecting something from me which I didn't understand.

Two weeks passed, one day a team from some other location arrived for a work in my location, Mohamed Nana immediately prepared tea for them, after having their tea, they said, "Wow... wonderful tea!!!" and I noticed big happiness on Mohamed Nana's face, and I got the point what he is expecting from me.

Next day morning, Mohamed Nana arrived with his tea cups and left one on my table and he sat in front of my table, after I had my tea, I asked Mohamed nana, "How many teaspoons of milk powder, sugar and tea leaves powder do you mix to make this tea?" He smiled so much... I saw his wisdom tooth :-D, He asked me "Why?" I said "I want to pour this standard of five-star cup of tea to my people at home and teach them how to pour tea" Mohamed nana jumped up from the chair and stood up proudly (as though he has lifted the world cup) and his face was decorated with laughters and his eyes was filled with happiness.

He spoke nothing this time, He took the empty tea cups climbed the staircase proudly, and now every time I see him, I used to ask, "What is the secret recipe of your tea?' as usual he says nothing but smiles and walks away proudly. :-)

I learned something from this incident, Mohamed nana is not in a big position, not with a big salary but he is happy with his speciality and you like it or not it's our duty to respect others skills in what they think to be their best.

Come On guys, you lose nothing by saying "you are the best." right? ;-)