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Dec 28, 2013


I wish to share some of my experience on Eye communication

The eye contact or the eye communication plays a vital role when you are having a oral face to face communication.

We naturally speak with our families, friends, colleagues, and public but when you really want to know something out of a person, body language plays a crucial role.

A person who lies or bluffs will always try to avoid the eye contact with you, (and women are really good in finding out the truth from men, therefore if you want to lie to a woman please cover your face with a blanket or cover your head with a bucket or wear a sun-glass)

Even though I know how eye communication works but as a human being naturally I cannot lie my own body language and I always don't keep reading others body languages. 

But when matters become serious, I do use my knowledge of eye communication to find out the truth from a person. When I keep questioning or talking to someone, the black eyeball flicks towards top-left. (This happens in nanoseconds, therefore you need to concentrate on their eye movement) this has helped me a lot. once you come to know the truth whether the person has lied or spoke the truth, don't challenge that person further, since you have discovered the fact, all you got to do is play a diplomatic game to solve the problem (find out the reason, why he lied and try to give a solution for the problem, also never show out that you know he has lied to you, this will unnecessarily break the relationship).

The image below will gives you further information about a HUMAN EYE POSITIONS and WHAT IT MEANS!

Inline image 1

I have experienced some of my friends, families eyes flicked towards left, sometimes I have seen my boss's eyes flicked left ;-) LOL

But always remember, we all are humans, some circumstances push human to lie, some lie to shape up things, some lie to make you feel better, some lie to gain something from you, some lie to escape from you... we may understand the eye language but we will never be able read what is in their Mind. only God can understand what is our minds, we become so angry when come to know a person has lied to you but the God who knows what is in your heart still forgives you. He is the most merciful.  

"Say, “Allah knows whatever lies in your hearts, whether you hide it or make it known (to others). He knows everything in the heavens and on earth. Allah has power (and complete control) over all things!” [Quran 3:29]

Therefore if you have two options to forgive or revenge, always choose to forgive and forget.