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Jan 30, 2015

White Goat & Black Goat

TV Anchor interviewing a Farmer about his goats:

Q: What do you feed your goats ?

Farmer : White goat or black goat ?

Anchor: White goat !

Farmer : Grass !

Anchor: And what do you feed black goat with ?

Farmer : I feed it with Grass as well

Anchor: Where do you keep them ?

Farmer : The white one or the black one ?

Anchor: white one !

Farmer : In the porch outside !

Anchor: And how about the black one ?

Farmer : I keep them in the porch as well

Anchor: And how do you clean them ?

Farmer : The black one or the white one ?

Anchor: Black one

Farmer : With water !

Anchor: And what about white one ?

Farmer : of course with water

Anchor angrily:
You idiot! When you treat both white and black goat the same way then WHY do you keep asking me “Black or White” ?

Farmer : Because the white goat is mine…

Anchor: And the black one ?

Farmer : That is also mine