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Oct 24, 2011

Dialog Mobile Service and My Experience

Yesterday I called Dialog customer care i.e. 0777 678 678 , In fact I was calling the technical division, as usual the recorded voice guiding me to select options

Special packages and offers press 01
Tariff packages and value added services press 02
GPRS and MMS settings press 03
Agent assistance press 04
and so on...

I pressed 04...

and again the recorded voice says... I have to wait for long minutes till I hear "To speak to a customer care representative press 05"

and again the annoying recorded voice says... "To talk to a customer care service representative press 0", "To talk to a Technical supportive representative press I pressed 01.

I lady spoke to me, "Hi I'm ****** How may I help you?" In fact i couldn't hear her name properly and this is not the first time I couldn't hear the name, Dialog call center attendance uses a very low voice and speed finish in their introduction! Why? is this a strategy to make their names unclear to the caller! Why do they attempt to hide their identity to the customer? are they afraid customers may complain their errors and may lose their jobs?

Coming back to the scene, I had an issue registering my Mobile number with my twitter account, You can update your twitter account via sending SMS to 40404, to have that option you need to register your mobile number to the twitter account, you need to send SMS to 40404 with your username and then with your password, so did i, but i didn't receive any confirmation from the Dialog regarding my successful completion of registration, so i made my complaint, can you guess what that lady said? "Sir! you have chosen the wrong option, This is customer care representative section, you may call the technical supportive representative" I explained her that i followed the instructions carefully but she kept insisting that I have made a mistake..She asked me to call again 0777 678 678, I thought in my mind "Oh no.. Not again"

She went on giving me extra options and numbers to call, In fact Dialog charges first call free and Rs. 2/= +vat for every calls made to customer care within the month! I would pay if i have made the mistake but why should i pay for Dialog's mistake?

I said to her, "I'm confused, I'm hanging up the phone" she then again said " Hello... Hello... what are you confused with?" she is asking me to repeat what she said where I understood nothing! she was insisting me to hold on.. but i just cut the line!

'Dialog- the number one service provider in Sri Lanka with the biggest subscribers...' huh..! the above incident is just only me, what about the remaining subscribers? got to think again of the quality of Dialog service!