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Oct 16, 2012

A bad day with a Squirrel

Today is my terrible day :'(  , There is a squirrel nest built inside our electricity meter box,  today we heard a baby squirrel shouting, my mother and i rushed to see what happened, we saw a baby squirrel running here and there searching for its mother in our garage. My mother said to me catch it before a crow or a cat eat it, but i said hold on let's look for its mother and i looked at the surroundings but there was no sign of its mother, so i decided to catch the baby, as I went near to catch it... almost caught it, but the baby squirrel somehow managed to run between my legs and it ran to the roads, there was a lorry parked outside and beneath there was a cat, unfortunately the baby squirrel ran straight under the lorry and the cat saw it :-( and we were helpless, the cat was too fast and quick to catch the baby squirrel and ran away. Sometimes we need to accept the destiny even if we don't like it.