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Oct 16, 2012

Which is BEST in forgiveness?

There was a lecture program at Kollupity Jumma Mosque on the topic "Forgiveness" it was an excellent lecture by the young Ulama (Sorry I can't remember the scholar's name)

As the lecture was over, I approached him to ask a question which came into my mind during his lecture. I asked him..

Sheikh...Which is best? to forgive people or to ask forgiveness from the people, he came close to me, almost like hugging me and said: both are invaluable, but asking for forgiveness shows how humble you are and if a person refuses to forgive, you are going to feel terrible for it, there you learn to forgive people, if  someone asks for forgiveness from you, you will never let him go broken heart. likewise Allah never let his servants go broken hearted after sincere repentance. 

I learned a great lesson :-) this Quranic verse speaks all about it.

"A kind and courteous word and forgiveness is (much) better than the charity, that is followed by (such an emotional) abuse. Allah is free of all wants, and the most Forbearing." [Quran 2:263]