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Feb 1, 2013

Life is not a bed of Roses

"The love and passion for (certain) things _ women, offspring, treasures of gold and silver, branded (high bred) horses, cattle, and land _ have been made tempting and alluring for mankind. (However), this is only a brief enjoyment of the life of this world. That which is with Allah, is actually the most excellent abode." [Quran 3:14]

I challenge, those who are in this world more than 98% are seeking pleasures to have a perfect life in this world, and I would say 99.99% of atheists try their best to make their life bed of roses. you can analyse this via their questions. e.g. why people die in natural disasters? Why people starve to death? Why people fight among themselves? Why people are disable? etc... If they knew the FACT OF THE WORLDLY LIFE which always is a temporary and it's not a permanent; they would not ask such questions. GOD has already said it in the Quran, ' this world is a test for you' and his test can be in 360 degree and from every side and every angle, expect the unexpected till your last breath. you take what you earn here. you are in the exam hall. don't waste your time by playing here and regretting in the hereafter life. for surely you will die, for surely you will be in front of your Lord, the Lord of the day of Judgement.

Note: The above comment is my own, if there are mistakes found in my comment, it's my own mistake and Islam got nothing to do with it.