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Feb 11, 2013

The Massive Creation?

Many atheists, People of other faiths and including some Muslims who are lower in knowledge about Islam questions "can there be a power created this massive universe?" this issue arises after watching the graphics illustrated about the universe or other means. Here is how ISLAM deals with it, these questions of modern day humans were questioned years back at the times of the prophets but many think these are new questions unanswered by the prophets. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explains about God's power by giving certain example to compare with.

"The whole 'UNIVERSE' is like a ring thrown in the desert Compared with the 'KURSI'(i.e. Footstool of Allah). Similarly, the 'KURSI' is like a ring thrown in the desert compared with the 'ARSH' (i.e.Throne of Allah)" -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

In Quran Allah says:
" It is He Who begins the creation. And then He will renew it! That is easy for Him. The most excellent attributes in the heavens and the earth belong to Him. He is the most Powerful, and the Wisest!" #Quran 30:27

A Muslim doesn't have problem of massive creation, you may just stand on a tall building and look down, you may find people like Ant scrawling on the earth. Thank to the all Powerful God is yet listening and baring patient with those ungrateful humans who deny him. And Thank God who still cares for us even though we are week and helpless! Allahu'Rahman, Allahu'Raheem, (The Most Gracious the Most Merciful)

Watch the video, ALLAH'AKBAR (God is great)