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May 30, 2015

I have to speak about Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

Yes the minority Muslims have been oppressed and the rights have been denied, UN has described the situation as "Human Ping Pong", no nation wants to accept them even as refugees, they are floating in the middle of the sea seeking help around the world.

E.g. In an interview with Bangladesh's Prime Minters Hasina with BBC.

After watching the clip, I really felt, this lady don't deserve to be in a position in what she is...

It's pathetic to see Rohingya Muslim being in this situation and the nations being silent about it.

Also it's not justifiable to see there are false images circulated by disturbed Muslims in Social Media. most of the images are over described, wrongly attributed, Photoshoped and the date of photoshoot is not correct.

Whatsoever, there is no smoke without a spark, as human being we should speak against oppression, let it be black or white, rich or poor.

Let's pray for them.