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Oct 24, 2015

A lesson in my life with a torn slipper

Last night, went to a hotel to buy dinner just few meters away from our home, It was raining in Colombo, at hotel I slipped and my right slipper toe strap came out , oh... thinking what to do... one hand food bag, other hand umbrella (and I didn't want to walk barefooted on the unhygienic wet streets), So I started dragging my right leg along with the broken slipper, I found it so hard my slipper was not balanced, unstable, bending and wobbling in each and every step, while struggling on my way to home... something came into my mind, Subahanallah... I'm finding so hard  just to walk with a torn slipper; what about those people lost their legs, born disable, and those people on the wheelchair seated and rolling their chairs for years, comparing their life with mine... I'm indeed ungrateful to my Lord. Reached home with a satisfaction of thinking everything happens to our own good... May Allah forgive my sins.