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Jan 14, 2012

Tipi Tip - My favorite snack

Tipi Tip, a famous name in Sri Lanka, it is actually a "SNACK" but we call it Tipi Tip, the brand has reached so deep into people's minds, we call all the snacks as Tipi Tip.... Tipi Tip brand is one of the snacks but in Sri Lanka we call all snack brands as Tipi Tip!

When we go to a shop, we ask for Tipi Tip instead of asking for a snack..where the kade muthalai understands we are referring to a snack.

Tipi Tip is a production of Uswatte Confectionery (Pvt) and they are the pioneers in snacks market. Tipi Tip won the Super Brands awards in the year 2006.

The famous brand is loved by the kids and it is known for kids' snack ....or Only kids have Tipi Tip!

You must be wondering why am I talking about Tipi Tip so much like a kid...he he... well the truth is, I still love to eat the Onion flavored Tipi Tip, the green one, When I carry my little nephew baby Eisa (1 years old) to the shop, I buy one for him and one for me, we both sit next to each other and enjoy Tipi Tip! yah yah I know... sounds kiddish.. but I know there are people who are adults still purchasing Tipi Tip.... so I'm not the only adult who enjoys Tipi Tip ;-)