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Jan 29, 2012

Why Perera & Sons doesn't let ACJU inside their kitchens?

Those who have missed my previous post / [Read Part - 01]

Part - 02

Many must have come across in all Perera & Sons branches a poster or a hangout kept for public display saying: "OUR HALAAL CERTIFIED SUPPLIERS"

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Photo Location : Unity Plaza

but with a small change, you can see a sticker patched up top of KEELLS brand replacing with KREST brand which is  the only product Halaal certified by ACJU of Keells Food Product PLC

A Conversation with Perera & Sons
(If you have a conversation with Perera & Sons, it will look like this) 

aadhilnet: Is it true your suppliers are not Halaal certified?

P&S: nonsense, who said? all our suppliers are Halaal Certified

aadhilnet: Well.. I saw the Keells brand in your supply chain which is not Halaal certified by ACJU on your FB fan page poster 

P&S: oh...dear.. you caught me there!!! he he.. mmm.. well I got a tactic for that, I will simply switch the brands by patching up with a sticker and then put it on display in all our food chains, isn't that enough to make Muslims to believe all our suppliers  are Halaal certified?

aadhilnet:Ok fine, how do we know all of your suppliers are Halaal certified? why don't you ask ACJU to do the verification part?

P&S: that is non of your business... We do the way we want, non can interfere in our personal policies!

Unanswered question by HEAD OF MARKETING

In my previous post, I asked a question, here I'm repeating it "Is PERERA & SONS having a propaganda not to obtain a Halaal certification in any means?

By switching brands, you have created more doubts in the minds of Muslims, even though you got all suppliers Halaal certified, why do you refuse to let ACJU authorities to verify in what you say is true or false?

Pioneers in food chain, operating more than 100 years, but has not yet obtained a Halaal Certification, this really remains as an unanswered question by Perera & sons!


Your objective is to make profit by selling more food to people, but we Muslims practice Islam even in the way we eat and in what we eat, we don't eat whatever is provided or whatever is available, we live in the way God has commanded us to live in this short life time to gain a bigger reward in the hereafter life!

"And eat of that which ALLAH has provided for you of what is lawful and good. And fear ALLAH in Whom you believe." [Quran 5:88]

We scarifies what is prohibited and enjoy what is permitted by God, please don't take our faith for a play or don't try to sell more food just to increase your profit in your business!

We would truly appreciate if you let ACJU to verify what is inside your kitchen rather you making such statements "All our suppliers are Halaal certified"; If you do, this action will gain the trust of Muslim community if you are transparent in what you do!

I'm a Muslim, What I will do

My message is simple to my fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters, first I would pray to Allah, give me what is Halaal and save me from what is Haram.

Second I will investigate, research and then avoid what is doubtful to save myself from what Allah has prohibited.

Allah has not made me to depend for my food only with Perera & Sons, Allah has made very few things haram and has made millions of varieties of food Halaal for me in this world! Allahu'akbar!

Why am I writing this Article?

Once again I need to mention this, I'm not against Perera & Sons but I'm speaking to save my fellow Brothers and Sister from consuming Haram, I yet don't know what is inside the kitchen of Perera & Sons (Allah knows the best), I can't take Perera & Sons' word by just looking at their posters till they let some Muslim authorities to verify what is actually baked & cooked inside their kitchen!

My question is, why a 100 years old company haven't obtained the Halaal certification "YET"? this is something all Muslims should think!