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Dec 9, 2012

A Conversation with LTTE Well Wisher

I don't know who this Guy is, suddenly a chat pop-out on facebook, I normally don't chat with unknown people, but I did chat with him because I had free time and his profile said he is from neighbouring country Tamil Nadu, India.

Suddenly he asked me a Question which I never expected.... I thought of posting this conversation on my blog to show how these people in Tamil Nadu are been brainwashed by the Media and Politicians.

This guy doesn't even know why he is fighting, and certainly I didn't understand for what reason. this guy is trying to be a hero for nothing, at least he could try something like comedian role in Kollywood rather shedding crocodile tears.

In general Tamil nadu people should realize that... those who shout loud in the background are just a bunch of cowards, they even don't care for you, why would they care for Sri Lankans? trust me....what you see in Media and Politicians' political gimmicks are just to make Business and Political gain.

Here is the conversation...