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Dec 22, 2012

My friend Mr.X who use to cheat me

It was a nice Sunday evening, around 3:30pm, I heard the adhan for Asar prayers, I was getting ready for my prayers, I got a call from Mr.X, (I don't want to reveal his name but I have named him here as Mr.X) he asked me to meet him after Asar prayers at Dehiwala grand mosque, I thought for a while because I had some stuff to update to my website after prayers, since my friend Mr.X made a request, I thought he may need my help... because he said 'I "SHOULD" meet you', I told him, 'Ok, after Asar prayers I'll be there at dehiwala grand moque and you to be on time.'

I finished my prayers at our mahalla mosque (which is close to our living place) and I came outside... it was drizzling and it was getting heavier; since I have given my word to my friend, I didn't want to back up from my journey to Dehiwala grand mosque. I quickly rushed to the mosque and I searched for Mr.X... no sign of him, I took my mobile to call him but I saw his SMS.. 'Machan...don't come now.. I'll let u kw the exact time' anyway I call him and told him that I'm at Dehiwala grand mosque, he told me 'I've got caught to a serious work and I'm unable to come now' and the line got cut. well... I was not surprised nor got irritated over his excuse... keep reading and you will understand "Why?" :-)

Now I'm at Dehiwala grand moque and wondering what to do, I remembered a Hotel at hospital road which is walking distance from the mosque, their evening short eats are hot and tasty, so I walked to the hotel and had two egg rotties with a nice strong cup of tea; since I'm out of home, I thought to go out somewhere... I called my friend who lives at Bambalapitiya, he said, 'I'm at wellawatta' and he asked me to come to Wellawatta foodcity, on my way to wellawatta foodcity... I saw a familiar face, he was wearing a cream blue T-shirt, and he was with his bunch of friends with big laughters entering into a coffee shop, he was none but my friend Mr.X, well... yet I was not shocked nor surprised nor felt betrayed...  keep reading and you will understand "Why?" :-)

So I met my friend at wellawatta foodcity who was waiting for me... meanwhile I sent a SMS to Mr.X "You are wearing a nice blur T-shirt, hope you are enjoying your coffee with your friends. May Allah guide you in the straight path!" the message was undelivered and pending, may be his mobile was switched off.

We had a nice time walking via marine drive up to my friend's home and then I again heard the adhan for Magrib, I rushed to mosque and finished my prayers and my mobile was vibrating... it was the pending message which got delivered and very next moment Mr.X called me twice but I was unable to answer inside the Mosque and I was not willing to answer anyway.  keep reading and you will understand "Why?" :-)

Back to home, time is around 10:30pm, Mr.X call me but I didn't answer him and he sent me this SMS
"SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY :-( ill explain everything to you..." from this moment, I knew he is in doubt whether am I hurt or not... and he kept calling me and sent SMS ....but I decided to be silent.

So let me explain why I was not surprised nor felt betrayed over this incident, because... this incident was not the first time with Mr.X, I have encountered two more similar incidences in the past.... where he asked me to come and returned me back while I was right opposite the road looking at him with his friends laughing and walking... you may wonder why I didn't respond to his notorious behaviour... because if I respond to him we both won't be friends as we are now, and this may break the relationship permanently. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said, don't cut your relationship with your brother for more than three days, so I pretended I knew nothing and I have believed his words as it's 100% true. also... when Mr.X speaks a lie via phones or directly, it's very easy to identify that he is lying, may be he is a bad presenter of lies or I should be good in detecting lies... it could be either ways but I still maintain as though I have believed him.

You may wonder why I decided to inform his cheating tricks via SMS, I recently went for a bayan (lecture programme) conducted by a prominent scholar Yoosuf Mufthi, he said that... If you see a brother is making a mistake, It's your duty to inform him and it's your obligation to correct your brother from committing mistakes. if you let him continue his mistakes, he might harm others from that mistake knowingly or unknowingly which may lead him to hell fire and he related the hadith, where the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, when you see an evil thing, stop it with your hand, if you are unable to do so, stop it with your mouth, and if you are unable to do so... hate that act in your heart.

So according to the lecture and hadith, I decided to inform his mistake and notifying that what you did is an error... and I decided not to talk to him so that he understands that people get hurt for what he did.

Mr.X is my school mate... My intention here is to make him commit no mistakes with others, I'm not a saint over here... I too got a heart, and all hearts got feelings and it hurts specially when you find your friend cheating and got caught red handed. but he is my brother in Islam, for sake of Allah, I have forgiven him and May Allah forgive him and guide him in straight path. May Allah forgive all our sins :-)

"A kind and courteous word and forgiveness is (much) better than the charity, that is followed by (such an emotional) abuse. Allah is free of all wants, and the most Forbearing." [Quran 2:263]