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Dec 24, 2012

Understanding the State of Life

Every human faces good and hard times, most humans questioin why I'm not remaining only in Good times i.e. TOTAL HAPPY LIFE, why the life keeps fluctuating? these questions rises in every human's mind! so I'm a human just like you, I would like to share some experience how God has solved this problem with me in both ways i.e. good ways and hard ways.

When I was doing my college studies , my parents were providing me meals, shelter and pocket-money; at this moment of life journey ( 15 to 24) I too didn't understand why God has made some poor, sick, weak, disables and the list continues... as usual I too got this question in my mind, why this Life cannot be"Total Peace" in all humans?, with God everything is possible, so why God let this happen if he is truly merciful God?; but back of my mind I knew God doesn't do anything without a reason. I remembered a scholar (Yousuf Mufthi) said in his sermon "ask whatever you want from God, he will respond to you, and be patient" so I decided to pray to God and solve this problem, I prayed to God " Ya Allah, you know what is my mind, i don't know the answer for this Question which is in my mind, fulfill this question by giving me a perfect Answer" and i didn't just sit and wait, as our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Tie your camel and Trust in Allah" which means, if you want something, you need to TRY to get it. so there came the Google,  I did some studies related to my questions, there were many scholars who gave convincing answers, so I thanked God for giving me the answer.

I was too quick to come to a conclusion and didn't realize that I have TRULY got the answer, but God knew how to give me the answer, in 2012 July I quit my job to get a better job to enhance my career to the next level, at this moment i didn't have much savings, I was spending whatever I earned for the last 2 years, now I'm dependant on my parents till I get my new job, which I didn't like to depend on my parents nor on anyone else (as normally every youngsters think), I'm grown up enough to stand on my own, I'm sensitive on this matter, I decided whatever happens I'm not going to ask anything from my parents even though they were wealthy enough to provide me. and here comes the turning moment of my life... 

I'm looking for a job, I was carefully spending my bank balance and the time is passing and I'm getting little frustrated, my bank balance turned Zero, now I'm wondering what to do, should i ask from my parents? well... I have already made an oath not to ask from them whatever happens. 

Time kept passing... still i didn't get a job, at this moment, my mother fell sick, there is none to cook and I had no money to buy something for myself, now I'm in hunger for days but managing with small short-eats and biscuits, but I didn't show it to my parents or relatives that I'm starving nor I did want to tell them that I have no money, in couple of days my mother's health condition got worse where she was suffering from pain, we rushed to the nearest hospital Delmond, I didn't have money to buy medicine or to pay the doctor's consultation fee (my mother paid it), now we were seated on the bench waiting for Doctor's arrival, I'm waiting with a sick mother with empty pocket, at this moment I started thinking, What would happen if my mother didn't have money? how could I solved this problem? and my mind was pondering over these questions...

I looked at the surroundings, there were many sick, poor, elderly, feeble men and women also some disables right in front of my eyes, at this very moment truly I felt their pain inside my heart for these people who are helpless, would I have ever realized this if I was not in this situation where I'm helpless and penniless?. I thanked God, Alhamthulillah (All praise to God), you have taught me a great lesson in hard way. It's time for Asar prayers, at the rooftop of the hospital there was a prayer room, i took ablution and conducted my prayers, after that I walked to the window, the sun is getting ready to disappear from the view, it was a nice sunset scenery where the sunlight reflecting on the Indian ocean, I prayed to God, "heal my mother and heal everyone who are in this building suffering from diseases and illnesses."

I thought for a while, I have learned my lesson, but God's teaching class is not yet over with me, the Hajj festival is arriving, still my pocket is empty to buy new cloths, I prayed to God to help me from this situation of poverty, suddenly the company previously I worked called me and said there is a balance payment for you (it was the unpaid salary for the last month) and they deposited it to my bank account, and the next day my father (who is a financial controler in Qatar) called and said, "I have deposited sum of money to your bank account for Hajj festival" (even though i never asked money from my father), I realized, this is a help from God. and before Hajj festival day I had an interview and I was hired for the job.

Now I'm even in better status than the situation before the hardship I went though, now I understand many things in life in better ways; when I look at beggars, disable, poor, healthy, rich and all kind of situation which people are in, my mind is balanced, I always feel, Allah has put them in a status for their own good and now I see Allah's mercy on them to learn some lessons in their life and to be thankful to God, just like he taught me some lessons in hard way which now I never regret for it. :-)

"So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
Verily, with every difficulty there is relief."
[Quran 94:5-6]

I have learned that Allah's mercy is countless, don't never and ever loose your faith in Allah's mercy, and I request the readers not to come to a conclusion that I have passed God's test, NO! the test is not yet over, the entire life is a test and this test is for a short time and this will continue till your last breath, so keep expecting the unexpected. and keep your eyes on the prize, i.e the paradise which will have only peace and no difficulties at all. This worldly life will end soon and it's a short time we are going to live in this rented planet.